What is the price of your betrayal?

In this suspenseful studio quiz format, two complete strangers must work together to correctly answer trivia questions. The more they get right, the more cash they amass... But there's a catch. A big catch. There is no way of sharing this prize; at some point in the game, during a nerve-wracking face-to-face round, the partners are transformed into opponents and one of the two will double-cross the other, taking the winnings to date and leaving their former ally with nothing. On Trust's state-of-the-art set, robotically controlled moving armchairs physically pull the contestants apart during a face-to-face, leading them to opposite ends of the set where their families are waiting to advise them, and ramp up in the tension as during the return trip they both have the opportunity to hit their buzzer in the ultimate act of betrayal. The longer they play, the more they stand to win - and lose. The greedier they get, the more likely they are to lose it all. And the better they are at working as a team, the less they can trust anyone but themselves.

Key Information

Air Productions/Banijay Creative Factory