Game Changers



Young entrepreneurs. Big dreams. Real change.

With the ongoing economic crisis and high unemployment, societies around the globe are facing trying times, yet, every day, entrepreneurs forge ahead to contribute to changing our world. 

Game Changers is a new business competition with a mission, as fourteen young entrepreneurs, each with a strong start-up project, vie to win the seed money to enable them to launch their brand new business venture.

To stay in the running they will have to prove their worth and the potential of their projects to the show’s judging panel, comprised of real-life business leaders and investors.

Throughout the competition, the contestants will face a series of challenges designed to test their business acumen, stamina, creativity, management skills and versatility. While these trials help them grow as entrepreneurs, the show also offers them an incubator to develop and fine-tune their start-up projects.

Episode after episode hopefuls are sent home until only the strongest contenders remain. However in the ultimate phase it’s their business projects alone that will make the difference during the final investors’ presentation.

Who will have what it takes to be a Game Changer?

Key Information

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